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Welcome! Our mission is to ensure your best friends have a safe and fun visit in a clean environment.

Hours: Monday thru Friday - 7 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. & 1:30 p.m. to 7 p.m.; Saturday - 9 a.m. to noon; Sunday - 9 to 11 a.m. for pick up/drop off only; Holidays - Closed.

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Gray Angels Inc

We believe in rescue, rehab and finding the perfect home for every animal. Special needs animals hold a special place in our hearts for many reasons. They have courage and spirit beyond any human. They never see themselves as different or handicapped, and live their lives to the fullest. They appreciate everything you do for them and they love with all their hearts.

Whenever we have the funds and man power to rescue a special needs animal, we do. We've dealt with severe behavior problems, paralysis, elderly animals and those with other severe injuries, such as losing a leg. We've loved them all, and found homes for most. Some have lived their lives at A Dog and Cat's Dream, receiving all the love and care they deserve.

Here are just a few of the dogs and cats we have helped during the past six years:

Angel was an elderly Chihuahua mix, who was just as sweet as could be. Her owner surrendered her after 12 years. We did our best to keep them together but her owner chose to surrender her in the end. She was the happiest, sweetest little gal ever. She loved sunning herself, playing with toys and running around with her friends. Whenever she was tired she would stand by her crate and ask to go in for a nap. Click here to see a video of Angel playing with a friend. Angel spent three wonderful years with us and passed peacefully in our arms.


Lily and Rose were born without their right eyes. These twins were checked in for boarding and their owner never returned. They spent two years at A Dog & Cat's Dream before being adopted into a wonderful home. And they have a feline and canine brother to keep them company.


Meet Sassy - our little spitfire. She cannot stand or walk because of a genetic disorder that caused the cushion between her joints to deteriorate. It doesn't stop her from getting just what she wants. She has a wheel chair but prefers to scoot along the floor like a little worm. She wants to be right where the action is so she can keep an eye on what is going on. Speaking of eyes, this little gal lost one when she was just a pup after being bitten by a labrador. That doesn't slow her down either. She is up for anything.



Cash came to live at A Dog's Dream after one of his owners threatened to have him killed because of separation anxiety. The separation anxiety wasn't a problem at A Dog's Dream but he did get anxiety when there were thunderstorms. So he had some medication to help him, along with staff members who were there to keep him safe. In addition, he had some doggy friends who liked to help calm him. Cash loved to be outside laying in the sun. Cash spent four years living at our facility, and passed peacefully at a ripe old age.


One of our heroes, Francis Battista, explains why saving animals is the only moral, civilized choice, and why anything is possible:




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